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A Guide to Your Pet’s Body Language

It can seem like one of the great mysteries of life: So, what is my pet saying to me by doing that? There are actually several common nonverbal gestures your dog or cat makes to show that he is trying to reach out to you, and you probably could use a little help in understanding just what your pet is trying to convey. Use these charts to help improve the lines of communication between you and your four-legged friend.


Canines are usually very expressive, but their messages can get lost in translation, so check out these illustrations to see what your pooch is saying!



Felines can be a bit more mysterious with their body language, so see the illustrations below to determine what your cat’s cues mean!


If you need a little more time to master your pet’s body language, download this guide to pet communication, post it somewhere you can easily access it, and use it as a quick reminder for what his gestures mean. You and your pet will be glad you did!

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