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A Theme Dream: Three Terrific Holiday Party Ideas

The holiday season is always accompanied by an endless stream of parties, with good reason: good company and good times make for good memories. From office parties to dinner parties to school parties, it seems like just about everyone enjoys a festive get-together.

How will yours stand out from these others? Host one of these fun themed parties below—a Harvesting Happiness Potluck, a Falling for Flannel Party, or a Classy Cookie Exchange. With the food that will be present and fun you’ll plan, you can turn your theme into a reality in no time!

potluckHarvesting Happiness Potluck
This party is all about togetherness and happiness. Everyone has a hand in bringing the harvest to the table (much like how it was done many years ago), which is a great way to remember what the holidays are about. Get printables and a recipe for your party.


Falling for Flannel
Sometimes what you need most is a little comfort. And what could be more comfortable than flannel? With this party, you can kick back and relax with comfortable clothes, comfort food, and familiar friends. Get printables and a recipe for your party.

cookieClassy Cookie Exchange
Everybody loves cookies during the holidays, and everyone loves getting together to share them as well. Make an elegant twist on one of the holiday season’s most common events with this party idea. Get printables and a recipe for your party.

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