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All About Audrey

Designer Audrey Raudabaugh isn’t phased by change, in fact, she thrives in it. In Issue 84 we talk with Raudabaugh about her move from Philadelphia to Florida to remain with the company she loves, Anthropologie, and how her creative determination has led to her new role as a display coordinator.

An excerpt from “All About Audrey

I worked as a graphic designer at the Anthropologie home office in Philadelphia. I produced print design, focusing mostly on store events, posters, e-mails, and invitations. We were opening new stores, and I would create collages with whatever scraps I could find, like old postcards, envelopes, and stripes. They were abstract landscapes that reflected the vibe and look of the cities that were launching the new stores.

I’d been thinking about being a display coordinator as a good way to stay with the brand that I love and a style identity I know so well. But I also wondered how I could expand my skills. I was really drawn to being away from the computer and having fresh projects every day. My then boyfriend (and now husband) Eoin and I had decided to move to Florida to be near family and the beach. As we were driving to Tampa, I received an e-mail notification alerting me to a job opening as a display coordinator. The rest is history.

Read more about Raudabaugh’s passion for design by downloading “All About Audrey” from Issue 84 of American Lifestyle magazine.