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A little sour, a little sweet. This Halloween-inspired cocktail includes a crowd-favorite tropical drink mix, which is bound to send your partygoers’ taste buds into overdrive.



Poisoned Apple Cocktail Step 1

  1. Add the ice, Pina colada mix, and white rum to a shaker, and mix. Pour into a tall glass.
    Poisoned Apple Cocktail Step 2
  2. In the same shaker, add more ice, rum, and apple pucker, and shake.
    Poisoned Apple Cocktail Step 3
  3. Using a spoon as a barrier, pour the apple pucker mixture (from step 2) slowly on top of the Pina colada mixture (from step 1), creating a top layer.
    Poisoned Apple Cocktail Step 4
  4. Rub a slice of lemon along the peel of the apple slice, dip the skin of the apple in purple sprinkles, and garnish the glass.
    Poisoned Apple Cocktail Step 5
  5. Cut a thin slither of the lime skin, and twirl it. To make the snake eyes, use a toothpick and black icing to put two black dots on each end. Place the twirled lime on the rim of the glass in front of the apple slice.
  6. Drop in the dry ice, and wait to serve until all of the ice has dissolved.

Safety Tip: Do not handle the dry ice with bare hands, and do not consume!

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