Toast has been a trending food topic for some time now, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Recipes with toast are easy, quick, and always delicious—making these three possibilities ones to try!

Almond Butter Toast with Pears and Honey

Between the protein-packed almond butter and the ripe, juicy pear, this healthy toast is sure to please your palate and give you the kick start that your body and brain are craving in the early morning.

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Cucumber and Hummus Toast

Looking for a healthy and easy snack? One bite into the cucumbers, flavorful hummus, and spicy red pepper flakes will make this variation your tasty go-to.

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Nutella and Bacon Toast

Nutella goes good with anything, but especially on a crisp piece of toast with two other dynamite ingredients—bacon and bananas. This new breakfast staple is for sweet and savory fans everywhere.

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