Held each year since 1810 in the southeast German city of Munich, Oktoberfest is the largest of its kind in the world. The “people’s festival,” or Volkfest in German, occurs for seventeen or eighteen days at the end of September, leading into the first week of October, and brings in tourists from all over the world.

Along with serving millions of liters of beer, Oktoberfest celebrations are also known for their wide array of traditional German food stands, which serve items like Bavarian cheeses, Bratwurst, and other customary meats.

Though you may not be able to travel to Germany, you can bring a taste of the festival to your own kitchen with these Oktoberfest recipes!

Bavarian Bratwursts

Bring a taste of Bavaria into your kitchen by making this bratwurst bake—grilled in a bath of German beer and served over fresh roasted veggies!

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Beer Cheese Soup

There are two things that you’ll find at any Oktoberfest celebration—beer and cheese. And what could be better than combining the two into a deliciously creamy, heartwarming soup?

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Make This Your Bread and Butter Gift

Who wouldn’t want bread and butter for a gift?

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