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Just because we typically eat our oatmeal with fruit or a little syrup doesn’t mean we can’t also enjoy it as a savory breakfast option. These oats, topped with fresh vegetables and cheese, are an ideal way to avoid the sugar overload of sweet pancakes or French toast first thing in the morning, without sacrificing flavor or fullness.



  1. Combine oats, water, salt, and sugar in a medium-size (3-quart) pot.
  2. Bring to a boil, and then turn down to a gentle boil. Cook for about 30–40 minutes, stirring occasionally until most of the water has been absorbed and the oats are just tender.
  3. Add more salt to taste, stir in butter, and crack in a bit of black pepper.
  4. Spoon the oats into four shallow bowls, and add vegetables evenly among the bowls.
  5. Add grated cheese, if desired. You can really send this dish over the top by adding a sunny or poached egg.

Recommended Seasonal Vegetables:
Spring: sautéed snap peas, fresh spinach leaves, radish slices (braised or raw), broccoli rabe
Summer: roasted cherry tomatoes, corn (roasted or raw), blanched green beans, sautéed mushrooms, braised small onions

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Reprinted from Breakfast: Recipes to Wake Up For by arrangement with Rizzoli, New York. Copyright © 2015, George Weld & Evan Hanczor.