For years, pumpkins have been an autumn staple. Who doesn’t love picking the perfect canvas for a jack o’ lantern? While will forever be a favorite pastime, the typical pumpkin can easily be transformed into a sophisticated decoration.

Use these ideas to create out of the box pumpkin decorations that will bring a touch of fall into your home no matter where you live.

Go floral.
Pumpkins can make an ideal vase for seasonal florals. Simply hollow out the gourd, let it dry, place a vase inside, and fill it with your favorite flowers. They can either be used as a table centerpiece or placed outside to greet guests.

Forget the orange.
Say goodbye to traditional orange pumpkins, and hello to elegant white pumpkins. Placing the white gourds throughout the house will be a welcomed change. You can even decorate them with metallic-colored paint and a dusting of glitter—so chic!

String them along.
Have a fireplace mantle that’s dying to be decorated this fall? Create a pumpkin garland! Using twine, tie miniature pumpkins together by their stems, and drape it around the mantle for a dramatic, seasonal look.