As far as celebrations go, nothing says Fourth of July like fireworks. So start your summer off right by making fireworks the focus of your Fourth of July party! Use these tips for food, decorations, and games to make sure your fireworks-themed party is a blast for all in attendance!

Blast off with food:
Aim to make at least half of your dishes fit the fireworks theme. Think spice, colors, clever names, and displays to make any dish match the concept.

Make a Bang with Fire Crackers!

These crackers are as hot as a firecracker!

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Kaboom! Kebobs: Sweet and Spicy Skewers

Who would have thought pineapple and spicy chicken would go so well?

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How to Make Delicious Dynamite Bites

This firecracker cake is perfect for the 4th!

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Thirst Quencher: the Refreshing Mojito Pop

A nonalcoholic take on the classic summer cocktail.

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Light up the event with decorations

  • Place citronella candles throughout your party space to keep the bugs from joining in.
  • Keep guests informed with fireworks-themed food labels. Make sure you mark the level of spice on each label to keep mouths happy.
  • Make your beverages sparkle with straw tags. Write names on the backs of the tags to keep track of everyone’s drinks.

Fan the flame with crafts and activities:

  • Go old-school by gathering flashlights and introducing the kids to a game of flashlight tag!
  • Sparklers are standard on the Fourth of July. Make them functional by using them as timers for relay races. When the sparkler lights, go! Whoever makes it to the finish first before the sparkler goes out wins!
  • Keep kids occupied with confetti firecrackers made out of paper towel tubes. Just be prepared to refill confetti again and again because the pop of excitement is hard to resist.
Download Fireworks Party Theme

From banners and signs to labels and tags, these eye-popping displays will tie your fireworks theme together—all you have to do is print, cut, and enjoy!