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Blankets are a home decor necessity. In fact, you can never own enough blankets—especially gigantic ones that are best used while snuggled up on the couch. Instead of heading to the store to purchase your next overpriced throw, consider trying your hand (or arm) at arm-knitting.

With the right tips and tools, you can make your own affordable blanket in under an hour—just in time for your next movie night!



  1. Measure about 5–6 feet (in lengths) of yarn for your tail (the beginning portion), and make a tight slipknot on your right arm.
  2. Use your left hand to create a V shape with the working yarn and tail. Push your hand below the working yarn on the left hand, and pull the yarn from the tail through the loop.
  3. Take the loop, and pull it over your right arm. Continue to tightly tie the stitches on your right arm. Add the desired new number of stitches (more stitches for a chunkier blanket) on your right arm for the width.
  4. Once you’re finished with your desired number of stitches, start over on your left arm. Keep the working yarn in your right hand, and pull off the first stitch over it. Then create a loop with it and put the loop over your left hand.
  5. Continue moving the stitches until all of the stitches are on your left arm. Keep knitting from left to right and then right to left until you have reached the desired length for your blanket.
  6. Start a section of new working yarn after every other row, tie the ends together with a knot, and continue knitting. Tie the stitches once you are finished with all the rows.
  7. Knit and move two stitches from your left arm to your right arm, like above, and slip the first stitch over the second.
  8. Knit an additional stitch on your right arm, and slip the previous stitch over the last one. Continue until you have one loop remaining.
  9. Cut off the working yarn, pull it over, and tie a knot.

Knitting without needles tips

  • Select a yarn that won’t fray easily.
  • For a budget-friendly alternative to wool yarn, shop around at your local arts and crafts store to find the thickest yarn available.
  • The tighter you make the knots on your arm, the smaller the holes in your blanket will be.
  • After moving the blanket from arm to arm, do your best to tighten the stitches the same amount to ensure that they’re comparable in size.
  • Be sure to keep count of the stitches you have in each row.
  • Avoid stopping to reduce the chance of getting mixed up when returning to your project.
  • If you do need to stop, place the stitches on a hanger.
  • Try not to over-tighten the knots when finishing a stitch. Tight knots can lead to a scrunched and thin blanket.

Try your arm at knitting this cozy, and share your masterpiece with us on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ALMcreate.