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If you know someone battling breast cancer, it can be difficult to think of a meaningful and practical way to offer your support. In addition to sending a card or flowers, use this guide to creating a chemo care package can help you show how much you love them in one of the most helpful ways.

Lotions, lip balms, gentle soaps, hand sanitizer, and other small items are helpful in combating the symptoms of chemotherapy, like dry, cracked lips and hands. Just be cautious to avoid strong, irritating scents.

Comforting clothing.
Soft, comfortable fabric can help keep your loved one warm and relaxed in the chilly hospital or their own home. Items like a fleece blanket, a knitted head wrap, a hat, or a scarf in their favorite pattern can be a great source of comfort and protection for sensitive skin.

Entertaining material.
It’s difficult enough to undergo chemotherapy treatments, but downtime in the hospital at home or at home can be just as grueling. Help your loved one pass the time with a welcome distraction like their favorite movies, books, magazines, or even a board game.

Edible gifts.
Dry mouth is not uncommon with chemotherapy, so the addition of soothing lozenges, hard candies, or lollipops is a great idea. Ginger and peppermint are natural stomach-calming agents as well—just be sure of any dietary restrictions beforehand.

Household help.
Breast cancer treatments are costly, but unanticipated costs like driving to and from appointments can also be a burden. Including gas cards in your care package is a thoughtful way to ease some of their daily expenses. Gift cards for the grocery store to help them prepare a home-cooked meal, or for a local restaurant that delivers, can also provide peace of mind.

Personal touch.
Help keep the care package personal by adding a handwritten note, something they cherish, or perhaps a favorite snack or flower to brighten their day. Even these small gestures could be the supportive boost they need.