There are many things to consider when a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the most difficult being ways you can help. But if your loved one has recently undergone a mastectomy, a soft, comforting gift might be just what they need.

Try making this comforting seat belt cover could provide them great relief on car rides to doctor’s appointments and other trips.



  1. Cut your plush fabric into six separate pieces: two 16″ x 5″ rectangles, and four 6½” x 3½”  rectangles.
  2. Take your two 16″ x 5″ pieces, and line them up against one another, pattern-side out. Sew the edges of the two pieces together, leaving a ¼-inch seam. Don’t forget to allow a few inches at the bottom for stuffing. Flip right side out.
  3. For the straps, fold each of the 6½” x 3½” rectangles in half, then sew with a ¼” seam, leaving one of the short sides open. Trim the seam allowance down, turn right side out, and sew a Velcro strap to each piece.
  4. Fill the large rectangle with your stuffing material, and sew shut. Then, sew two straps to the top and bottom of the pillow, Velcro side up.

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