There’s nothing worse than not having a bottle opener on hand when you’re in the mood for an ice-cold drink. This DIY opener can be mounted to your wall, making it impossible to ever be without an opener, and a bottled refreshment!



  1. Stain the board, and let dry.
  2. Using the hand saw, cut the board into five separate pieces. Three at 4-inches, one at 6-inches, and one at 21-inches.
  3. Lay one of the 4-inch pieces on the ground, and attach the two remaining 4-inch pieces to the opposite sides using the glue, finishing nails, and hammer. This will be the sides of the bottle cap catcher.
  4. Attach the 6-inch piece to the middle of the 4-inch pieces so that it makes a box with an open back. This piece will be the front of the bottle cap catcher.
  5. Add wood glue to the back of the bottle cap catcher, and attach it to the 21-inch board with the finishing nails from the back of the board.
  6. Attach the bottle opener to the top of the 21-inch board so that it’s aligned with the bottle cap catcher, and then fasten the metal brackets to the back of the 21-inch board, and secure on a wall of your choice.

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