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Paper beads are perfect for a wide variety of uses—from jewelry to key-chains. And, with just a few changes to the way you cut your strips, you can create paper beads of all shapes and sizes.



  1. Using the printable templates, cut the magazine pages into strips. Repeat until you have enough strips to make the desired number of beads.
  2. Starting at the wide end of one strip, begin winding the paper around the toothpick until you reach the end. Secure the end using a dot of Elmer’s glue. Repeat until all of the beads are wrapped and glued.
  3. Cover the beads with two coats of Mod Podge, being sure to let the beads dry between coats. This will make sure your beads hold their shape and stay properly rolled.
  4. Insert toothpicks into the top of a cardboard box or a styrofoam tray. In a well ventilated area, varnish the beads with two coats of spray polyurethane, letting dry between coats. This will help your beads last longer.
  5. Allow your beads to dry completely before stringing them onto a bracelet or necklace. Tip: alternate beads of different sizes and shapes to make your statement piece stand out.
Printable Bead Template

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