Love the look of flowers but not a big fan of the necessary upkeep or short shelf life? This easy and fun DIY project features all of the beauty of fresh flowers but with none of the maintenance!



  1. Choose the most colorful ads or pages from your magazine, and making sure your favorite colors are facing up, fold the page accordion-style, so you end up with three folds.
  2. With the folds facing upward, use the shredding scissors to cut along the strip, being careful not to cut all the way down.
  3. Once cut, take the wooden skewer and tape the end of the paper strip to it, and gently roll the strip around the skewer, making sure to keep tension in the strip as you roll and push the strip to form the head of a flower.
  4. Once you have finished rolling, wrap the base with masking tape to secure. Using the floral tape, secure the base of the flower, pulling tightly as you go. Continue steps two through eight until you have the desired number of paper flowers. Arrange them in a pretty container, and you have a beautiful bouquet you can enjoy for years!

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