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Purchasing new furniture can be a hefty expense. Even small pieces, like kitchen chairs, can really add up. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to work with the items you already have. The solution? Reupholstering!

Follow these tips for reupholstering kitchen chairs to totally revamp the look of your dinner table.



  1. If you can, unscrew the seat from its frame, and then remove the staples with a screwdriver or pliers. Remove all of the material (batting and fabric).
  2. Using a marker, trace the seat base outline onto the 1-inch-thick foam. Cut out using the scissors or the bread knife.
  3. Place the foam on the frame of the chair, and then wrap the fabric over the foam, around the seat edge. Staple the underside once on each side.
  4. Beginning at the middle, staple along the front side of the chair, moving outward, pulling the fabric tight. Stop stapling about 2 inches from the corner. Flip the seat over to check your work, and repeat along the sides and back edge.
  5. Cut off any excess materials. Then, for the corners, fold the center of the material under, and then fold and tuck the material to each side. When finished, flip over, and staple to secure.

Reupholster-ready tips:

  • When choosing a fabric, make sure it is tough enough to be pulled taut. Canvas is a great option, while cotton materials tend to tear more easily.
  • Consider having someone assist you in the process. With pulling materials, cutting, and stapling, reupholstering can often by a two-person job.
  • For easier slicing, cut out the foam using a bread knife, just inside the outlines that you drew.
  • Use your whole hand to tighten the material as you staple to avoid puckering fabric.
  • Flip over your seat throughout the process to continue to check your work as you go along.

Give this reupholstering project a try, and let us know how your piece turns out! Share the photos of your spruced up furniture with us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ALMcreate.