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If you envision something a bit cozier for your eggs, chocolate bunnies, and candies, consider making a basket that dubs as a festive bed. Collect your Easter treats in this canopy bed-inspired basket fit for a queen (or a bunny)!



  1. To create the canopy, quilt the fabric along the base of the basket, stapling every four inches to attach.
  2. Line the brim of the basket with yellow fabric, using hot glue to achieve the quilt affect.
  3. To create the canopy, bunch up the tulle and hot glue it to the top center of the basket’s handle, with less tulle in the front and more in the back.
  4. Take your loose pearls (or you can cut them from a craft store necklace) and adhere them where you see fit.
  5. Stuff your basket with leftover cotton, and lay the fabric on top. Make tiny pillows out of extra fabric for a nice touch.

Snuggle your chocolate bunny in this canopy-inspired basket and be sure to snap a picture to share on social media using the hashtag #ALMcreate.