Need a fun and creative DIY toy idea? This upcycled jet pack is perfect for any parent to make for his or her child, especially one who love outer space! Plus, you’ll be helping the environment by transforming empty soda bottles into your imagination-inspiring toy!



  1. Apply a few thin coats of silver spray paint onto the soda bottles until they are evenly covered. Let the paint dry overnight.
  2. Cover the bottom third of each bottle with painter’s tape. Paint the exposed area with the gold craft paint.
  3. While your paint is drying, cut out flames in multiple shapes and sizes, using red, orange, and yellow construction paper or felt. You will want the flames to be even on both sides, approximately 12 pieces for each side.
  4. Make sure your craft paint is dry entirely before attaching your straps. Cut two pieces of twine that will be suitable for your child, with about two inches extra on each side. Make four small slits with your craft knife into the bottle (two at the top, and two directly in-line at the bottom). Weave the twine through the top two slits, tie a knot around the plastic, and add a dot of glue to secure. Repeat this step to fasten the bottom of the strap, and again for the other side.
  5. Next, glue the two bottles together. Once the bottles are set, glue the flames to the opening of each bottle, alternating colors and sizes. Then let your child’s imagination soar!

Try your hand at this craft, and let us know what your kids think! Share your photos on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ALMcreate.