The snow has fallen, and it’s time to get outside and experience a true winter classic—building a snowman! However, before you put on your boots, check out these tips and tricks to help you create the best-looking snowman on the block.

Choose wisely.
There’s a difference between dry, powdery snow, and wet slushy snow. When it comes to building a snowman, you want a balance between both. Just the right amount of water will help to keep the snow ‘glued together,’ but too much will make things too heavy. On the contrary, dry snow won’t be able to hold its shape.

You’ll also want to make sure that there is enough snow on the ground before you start building. Unfortunately, a light dusting won’t suffice. At least 4 inches of snow makes for ideal conditions.

Find the best home.  
Sure, the finished product might look best if it’s right next to your sidewalk, but the location has to be ideal for the building process. Your snowman will not hold up if you select a sloped area. In fact, to avoid falling, it’s best to select the flattest location. The spot should also be protected from any sun so your creation doesn’t melt too quickly. The best location is a flat area, preferably under a tree.

Balance it out.
Unfortunately, an unbalanced snowman will topple over. To avoid a catastrophe, try and aim for a 3-2-1 snowball ratio. For example, if the lowest snowball has a diameter of 3 feet, the middle ball would be 2 feet, and the top ball would be 1 foot. It’s also best to keep in mind that although building a tall snowman might seem like a good idea, the higher it is, the better the chance of it falling over—so try to keep it lower to the ground. Another way to increase its stability is by flattening the top of each snowball before placing the next one on top.

Get creative.
While this won’t make or break your snowman, getting creative with the decorations can oftentimes be the most fun part! Quirky additions like—an ugly Christmas sweater, cowboy hat, tiara, eyes made out of pinecones, or even a bowtie—can take your masterpiece up a level.

This winter, take part in a timeless tradition, and build the perfect snowman!