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Cultivating Companionship: The Mission of Pets For Vets

After visiting a veterans facility in 2009, Clarissa Black decided that there had to be something she could do to help combat the plight of veterans suffering from PTSD. In Issue 87 of American Lifestyle magazine, Black explains how she founded the nonprofit, Pets For Vets, which benefits both veterans and shelter animals—forming “super bonds” and changing both lives for the better.

An excerpt from “Cultivating Companionship: The Mission of Pets For Vets”

The bouts with anxiety seemed endless. Fear of interacting with other people was constant, almost paralyzing. Because of these experiences, Gordon felt completely isolated from the world and had very few friends.

Gordon, who served for ten years in the US Army, had a difficult time adjusting to post military life—and, in fact, he was homeless for three years. He felt hopeless and desperately needed a lifeline.

Unfortunately, Gordon’s experience isn’t uncommon for US military veterans. Studies show that up to 20 percent suffer from PTSD. These struggles can plague any vet, regardless of race, age, or gender.

Interesting in learning more about the work that Pets For Vets is doing to help unite veterans and shelter animals in an effort to combat the effects of PTSD and animal abuse? Keep reading by downloading “Cultivating Companionship: The Mission of Pets For Vets” from Issue 87 of American Lifestyle magazine.