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In fall, photography is marked by crunching leaves under warm boots and splashes of colorful foliage. In winter, snow-lined trees and rooftops make for a pretty picture, and the summer months make family photos a breeze, as beach vacations and backyard play are all around.

But, what about spring? The season of flowers can also make for some splendid photo-ops, if you know what to capture and when.

Use these tips for getting behind the camera this season and you’ll be left with a bouquet of gorgeous shots!

Flowers in the foreground.
It wouldn’t be a spring photoshoot without flowers, but if you want to avoid the cliché “posing with a bouquet of flowers” shot, you can try and incorporate them into your photos in a subtler way. For instance, if your subject is standing amongst a field of blooms, place the flowers in the foreground of the shot, with your subject off to one side. The result is beautiful contrast that is both unexpected and eye-catching.

Relax about rain.
Spring is a pretty rainy season for most of the country, but there’s no need to panic if there is a little more than a drizzle on shoot day. Make the most of the wet weather by thinking outside the box (e.g. rainboots and puddles or fresh dew on grass). Morning is a particularly nice time to shoot under misty weather conditions, as early fog can create a soft glow that turns out lovely in photos.

Seize the natural light.
Natural light is abundant in spring, with a delicate glow radiating from newly blossomed flowers and the luminously green grass. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture this beauty at its peak! Find an area with the most contrasting colors, like bright yellow flowers against a cerulean sky or a line of strikingly green shrubs, to use as a background—and be sure to take a few test shots to avoid over-exposure.

Get a little wild.
Wildlife is out and about in spring and could make for the perfect subject in your photoshoot—though photographing wild animals can be challenging. Consider utilizing a tripod to ensure you get a steady shot every time, or simply remember to keep shooting even as they move about. You never know when the perfect photo will come.

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