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Your feline friend may have nine lives, but they still only have one birthday a year. Make their special day memorable by throwing them this purrfect cat party!

Give away purr-fect party favors.
No guest should walk away without something to help him remember the party, and these bags full of fun treats and toys can certainly help.

Something to nibble on.
They may not be able to enjoy the whole thing in one bite, but cats won’t be able to resist this treat full of the fresh seafood flavors they love.

Break out the catnip.
It’s not a cat party without the catnip! For a really fun time, make sure you have plenty of catnip infused toys, yarn, and other items scattered about.

Cat-approved decor.
Instantly turn ordinary balloons into a feline masterpiece but cutting out cat ears from construction paper and taping them to the tops of your balloons. Draw on a cute nose, eyes, and whiskers for the full cat experience.

Help them hydrate.
No one likes a grumpy cat, so make sure furry guests have plenty of water by leaving a few bowls around the party—don’t forget the “milk bottles” so guests can refill the bowls as needed.

Printable Cat Birthday Essentials

Throw your own kitty party, and share photos of the celebration on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ALMcreate.