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Diner Days

No matter where you travel to in the US, you are bound to find a quaint diner that has probably been a staple in town for decades. In Issue 83 of American Lifestyle, we explore the institution of the American diner—and whether you’re a frequent customer or like to pop in for a bite every once in a while—diners always offer the promise of delicious comfort food and service with a smile.

An excerpt from “Diner Days

I’ve never really thought about this, despite the hundreds of hours I’ve spent traveling to them, eating at them, and having conversations at them. Yet I know I’m not alone. For many decades, countless hordes of Americans have tabbed diners as their favorite hangouts. And, yes, I say Americans because there really is something quintessentially American about the diner experience. It’s why American movies (Diner) and music (Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner”) have been dedicated to diners, and why prominent TV shows (such as Seinfeld and The Sopranos) have featured diners as a primary setting throughout their runs.

The diner, as it turns out, seems to be an ideal representation of America’s glorious past and innovative future, connecting generations in a melting pot where young and old, locals and road-weary travelers, can find comfort—virtually anywhere they go. And, just like America, there are various types of diners, each with its own unique story.

To keep reading about the history of the American diner, download “Diner Days” from Issue 83 of American Lifestyle magazine.