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International Women’s Day is upon us, and with it, time to reflect and acknowledge all the women in our lives doing incredible things. These are just a few of the fearless female leaders making waves in a number of industries.

Emily Weiss

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Founder and CEO of Glossier, Weiss has built a beauty empire and a devoted following that many brands have tried, and failed, to match. She wanted women buying the brand’s products to feel like they were “friends” with Glossier, rather than having it be just another beauty product on the shelf. Innovative and engaging, Glossier is here to stay, and so is founder Emily Weiss.

Ashley McCollum

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Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon a Buzzfeed Tasty video from time to time, if not everyday. Reaching well over a billion monthly views on these easily digestible (pun intended) videos, Tasty is on an upward rise, and McCollum is at the head of it all. She resides as Buzzfeed’s General Manager for the Tasty brand, with everything from a TV show to an app to even more cookbooks on the horizon.

Gwynne Shotwell

President and COO of SpaceX, Shotwell is inspiring millions to pursue their dreams of getting into a STEM field. Having worked with Elon Musk for over 15 years, she acts as the calm to his storm, balancing out his risk-taking leadership methods. She also stresses the importance of a work-life balance, which in a company like SpaceX, is often not at the forefront of their most well-known aspects. But for women in tech, Shotwell is shattering ceilings left and right.

Anne Wojcicki

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If 23andMe rings a bell, or modern DNA testing in general, you can thank Anne Wojcicki for making the swabbing of spit a trendy and cool thing to do. A self-proclaimed Silicon Valley nerd, Wojcicki has been head of 23andMe since its inception in 2006—where a multi-million dollar investment from Google helped kick it into gear. Since then, Anne has been at the helm of this futuristic company, and it continues to change the name of the DNA game daily. 

Amy Levin

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When Amy didn’t see any opportunities to get into fashion, she made one for herself. In 2009, CollegeFashionista began—a community of college students who come together to write blog posts, take stylistic photos, and boost their resume skills with fashion-related content. Acquired by Clique Media Group in 2016, what Levin started as a way to get her foot in the door of an industry she loved has since turned into a nationwide team.

Along with those mentioned, there are countless other leaders in a vast array of industries paving the way for women to be bold and daring in the face of adversity.