Your only memory of a treehouse is probably from your childhood—most likely involving that neighbor with the cool dad that built a custom treehouse for the neighborhood kids. If you want to pay homage to your inner ten-year old, you’re in luck, because treehouses are no longer a thing of yesteryear.

Resorts in the treetops are becoming more and more popular for a weekend retreat. Below are some treehouse resorts to head to when stuck for ideas of where to vacation next.

Winvian Farm, Litchfield, Connecticut

Over 113 acres make up this getaway location in Litchfield, Connecticut. Take advantage of five-star dining for every meal and the most peaceful atmosphere imaginable for the duration of your stay. Winvian Farms also provides a never-ending list of amenities to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Your treehouse comes with a bike to explore the surrounding area at your leisure, and you also have access to their spa on site.

Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia, Canada

If staying in a treehouse isn’t quirky enough for you, consider taking it one step further by vacationing in a sphere. Free spirit spheres is nestled in British Columbia, Canada, in what they describe as an “enchanted, coastal rainforest.” Free Spirit provides visitors with a unique oasis that embodies the peaceful surrounding environment. Your sphere comes complete with a barbeque deck, natural nearby pond, and views to last a lifetime.

Treehouse Point, Issaquah, Washington

The overnight and private event property that is Treehouse Point is located in the Pacific Northwest. It’s the perfect location to get away for a few nights and achieve a peaceful sleep. Wake up to the sounds of the nearby river or the chirping of the birds and feel like you’re truly disconnected from the world. Relax in the lodge on grounds with a good book or make s’mores in the fire pit for a luxury wilderness experience.

River Road Treehouses, New Braunfels, Texas

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River Road is a popular treehouse destination nationwide—and for good reason. Their treehouse’s are built in cypress trees, many of which you’ll be crossing to reach your private house. The experience they create for you makes you feel as if you’re in a different, more enchanting world. Along with exclusivity, other amenities include Wi-Fi, a kitchen, dining room, and full bathroom.