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DIY Comforting Pillows

If you have a loved one who is battling breast cancer and recently underwent a mastectomy or other form of treatment, these plush pillows can serve as a thoughtful gift!

Decorative Seat Belt Pillowseatbelt_intext
Your loved one can attach this soft seat belt cover to protect them on the car ride home from the hospital and in the following weeks.


Plush Underarm Pillowpillow_intext
This pillow will be a great relief for your loved one to place under their arm for added support.


Tips for making your pillow:

  • Choose a soft, plush fabric that won’t generate a lot of static (to prevent shocks).
  • Use a fun color or pattern that you know your loved one will enjoy.
  • Use two different kinds of fabric on either side of the pillow to make it reversible.
  • Be sure not to overstuff or understuff the pillow so that it is as comfortable as possible.
  • Consider stitching a thoughtful message or quote on the pillow as an uplifting reminder.
  • If you have any fabric left over, perhaps make more mastectomy pillows if you know anyone else battling breast cancer, or to donate to a local hospital.

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