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East Meets West: Olivia Erwin Interiors

Growing up in New Orleans, Olivia Erwin Rosenthal was surrounded by a traditional southern style that has influenced her to this day. In Issue 87 of American Lifestyle magazine, Erwin Rosenthal discusses how this influence, combined with a move to Los Angeles, has culminated in a unique east coast meets west coast fusion in her designs.

An excerpt from “East Meets West: Olivia Erwin Interiors”

I grew up in the country, surrounded by vast amounts of space. All that I had were my fashion magazines, an imagination, and my mom’s closet full of clothes. I spent a lot of time as a kid playing with design and style, and over time that translated into designing whole spaces.

My grandfather was also a sea captain who navigated around the world many times, so I was always surrounded by rooms that were full of antique artifacts from Asia, Africa, and Europe. The juxtaposition of being in the country surrounded by all of these beautiful, unique objects was a constant reminder of how big the world is.

Interested in learning more about Olivia Erwin Interiors? Keep reading by downloading “East Meets West: Olivia Erwin Interiors” from Issue 87 of American Lifestyle magazine.