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Falling for Neil Amonson

Some of us are born adventure-seekers—constantly chasing the next big thrill. Expert base-jumper Neil Amonson is one of those people, as he shares with us in the Issue 82 feature, Falling for Neil Amonson. Amonson spends his life like any great daredevil, only aside from skydiving off mountain tops, he has used his passions to ignite the same confidence in children through his charity, Jumping for Joy.

An excerpt from “Falling for Neil Amonson

I have memories of climbing trees and jumping out of them, building jumps for our bicycles, and generally causing mischief, but I think that’s pretty normal for most kids. My brother, Christian, reminded me of a ski trip when we lived in Stewartsville, New Jersey. I was in seventh or eighth grade. We had all gathered at the lodge, rented our skis, and headed outside. By the time everyone had latched themselves in, I had snuck off to the mountain. They found me already a quarter of the way down the mountain wrapped around a tree with two medics tending to my broken wrist.

I definitely had a lot of freedom. When we got too rowdy, my mother would lock us outside. We were never allowed to have video games. I think I developed much of my independence from having a lot of freedom as a kid and not being coddled.

To read more about Amonson’s base-jumping adventures, his experience in the military, and his children’s charity, download the full article, “Falling for Neil Amonson” from Issue 82 of American Lifestyle magazine.