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Fundraising for a Cure

Participating in a fund-raiser is one of the best ways to be active in the fight against breast cancer. There are also plenty of different types of fund-raisers you can hold, depending on your interests. If you like to bake, consider holding a bake sale—who can resist sweet treats? Or, if you’re more tech-savvy, why not take your fund-raiser online? However you choose to raise money, these tips can help you get started!

bakesaleBeat breast cancer with a bake sale.
Bake sales are a highly successful way to raise money for a good cause, and with so many fun pink treats you can make, they are the perfect option for a breast cancer fund-raiser. Try setting up your sale at a community event, such as a football game or a carnival, and you’re sure to draw a large crowd.

promoteTake your sale to the Internet.
There is no better way to spread news these days than on the Internet, and your fund-raiser is no exception. Internet fund-raising sites, like Crowdfunding or GoFundMe, are good places to start, but even with an online fund-raiser, you should set up a strategy and a strong message to draw attention to your sale.

bankSet up a box for donations.
A classic donation box should not be discounted as a way to raise a lot of contributions for your fund-raiser. As long as your box is eye-catching and strategically placed, it should be a big success! Try placing the box at a popular community hangout, like a pizza parlor, bookstore, or coffee shop. These places might even offer to match your donation. Also consider decorating your box, and including a message for why you are raising money to help attract patrons.

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