The bathroom may seem like one of the most difficult places to update in your home, with sensitive fixtures and appliances to go around. But these three tips will guide you through using one of the most versatile decorating tools to spruce up your bathroom—paint!

Fiberglass tub or shower.
Start by removing the existing hardware in the tub or shower, and cleaning the surface. Use a scum remover and/or all purpose cleaner for general grime, and acetone for any waxy spots or stubborn buildup. Use a polyurethane-based automotive paint and coat the surface evenly.

Metal fixtures 
(faucets, handles, knobs, hinges).
Remove the hardware or fixtures to be painted. If the items can’t be removed, use masking tape or painter’s tape to carefully tape off the surrounding areas, to protect them from paint. Holding the can approximately six inches from the metal, spray the fixtures in light, even coats. Apply two coats, allowing the fixtures to dry in between coats.

Sink or cast iron tub.
Remove existing hardware, then clean the entire surface and scour with steel wool. Using a dry brush, apply two even coats of an epoxy paint.