Issue 70

Life is full of sensory experiences that buoy the spirit, be it delicious food, whimsical art, or a bit of both. This issue of American Lifestyle magazine shares comfort food with a Texan twist, paper flowers elevated to Picasso status, and food and art combined through the concept of miniatures. Explore this issue and go seek out what bolsters your spirits and warms your heart.

Art and Times of John Lackey

Artist John Lackey utilizes his painting, writing, songwriting, and editing skills to evoke a warm, unifying feeling in his audience.

Sundaes and Nostalgia

The Franklin Fountain, located in Old City Philadelphia, is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that transports customers to another century.

Miniature People, Big Appetites

Fascinated by scale juxtaposition, visual artist Christopher Boffoli uses miniatures and food-based scenery in his series, Big Appetites.

The Buzz on Neil Brown

Trumpeter and composer Neil Brown details his musical journey, from his time as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland to his career with the Navy Band.

Southern Elegance

Interior designer Jill Goldberg brings southern, classic elegance to New England through neutral colors with a simple, glamorous approach.

Paper Posies

Husband and wife Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell have transferred their artistic skill into paper flower art and are inspiring readers to explore the craft through their book, Paper to Petal.

Home-Cooked Texas

Bring the home-cooked feel of Texas to your dinner table through The Homesick Texan’s Family Table by Lisa Fain (Ten Speed Press, 2014).