Issue 71

When you need to refill your reservoir of wonderment, inspiration is only a landscape away! Go outside, and soak in the muse that is nature. This issue of American Lifestyle magazine takes you on a visual journey to Banff, Alberta, a storybook town in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. It also introduces you to Rex Naden’s photography, which captures the essence of nature, and recalls artist Robin Beaty’s success in designing and raising her own barn studio.

Fifty Jobs, Fifty States

Daniel Seddiqui relates his frustrations in the job market as a college graduate, and how this led to going beyond his college major and trying a new job for one week in each of the fifty states.

A Labor of Love and Art

Robin Beaty takes us through her process of creating a barn studio that fulfilled her need to have a properly ventilated studio, while at the same time creating an original space in which to work.

The Nature of Rex Naden Photography

Professional photographer Rex Naden shares his experience photographing various landscapes in nature, reflecting on favorite locations and challenging environments.

Magic in the Rockies

Banff, Alberta, is brought to life, as we explore the stunning scenery, tempting restaurants, and charming lodging available at this treasured destination.

The New Indian Slow Cooker

Neela Paniz provides her readers with flavorful recipes for classic Indian dishes, giving life to a slower method in her cookbook The New Indian Slow Cooker (Ten Speed Press, 2014).

Counter Evolution

Inspired by his first project of a bowling lane wood counter, craftsman Jim Malone creates counters by utilizing unique materials and styles.

Building Community with Second Life Bikes

Kerri Martin shares her experience as the founder of Second Life Bikes, a used bike and repair shop that allows younger volunteers to learn the repair process and develop life skills.