Issue 72

History is more than just the past; it’s a conduit for connecting to the present. For six ballet dancers with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the choreography is a way of tapping into the history of dance. 

The history of the land links Tennessee native Jeff Ross, garden manager of Blackberry Farm, to the seeds he chooses each season. Designer Jessica McIntyre gravitated to art history in college; she meshes the industrial with the glamorous, giving a Dallas high-rise a sophisticated upgrade.

Six Ways to Stay in Texas

This article dispels the misconception that Texas is only home to barren deserts and dusty towns; the highlighted hotels feature unique accommodations and a broad array of attractions and experiences.

Love Letters

Harnessing the allure of handwritten letters, Girls Love Mail is an nonprofit organization through which newly diagnosed breast cancer patients receive letters written by people from all over the world.

The Comeback of Independent Bookstores

With the rise of e-books and chain booksellers, independent bookstores could have died out long ago; however, these featured booksellers show that passion and community continue to drive their success.

The Garden Life at Blackberry Farm

Master gardener Jeff Ross details the link between growing and eating found at Blackberry Farm, a resort in the Smoky Mountains that features an on-site garden and farm-to-table cooking.

A Slice of Love

Kim Daisy, owner of the cake company Daisy Cakes, provides delicious recipes and family anecdotes in her cookbook, Daisy Cakes (Lydia Inglett Publishing, 2014).

To The Pointe

Six dancers from the Pacific Northwest Ballet relay their individual journeys and provide a behind-the-scenes look into the world of ballet performance.

Jessica McIntyre

Jessica McIntyre utilizes her degree in art history within her interior designs, creating spaces that reflect a complete environment through lighting, textiles, art, and more.