Issue 75

The comfort of old and the excitement of new. Most of us have experienced the joy of both, and they are explored in this issue from coast to coast, to young people coming together for a cause to grow food in Massachusetts, to an Alabama designer combining old and new to turn a warehouse into a home, to the revival of legendary Palm Springs, California as a hip destination hot spot.

Focused on Flora and Fauna

Nature photographer Carol Freeman is on a mission to capture the images of every endangered and threatened animal and plant in Illinois—so far, she has 148 out of 483 in her repertoire!

The Resurgence of Cool Keeps Palm Springs Hot

Palm Springs, California, which was once the playground to the stars until the 1970s and 1980s, is now seeing a revival, thanks to a renewed interest in midcentury modern architecture.

Jeff Jamison: Reflections from a Painter

Jeff Jamison is a contemporary artist whose painting style is built on superb drawing skills in a process he calls controlled chaos—the end result, a beautiful display of everyday moments.

At the Corner of Past and Present

Architect David Hill’s beautiful home is the juxtaposition of old and new, perfectly preserved in a way that tells the story of the building’s past life while becoming modern and functional for the family of five.

Reimagined Modern Culinary Favorites

From sweet key lime pie to savory ribs with hot honey and lavender, Max and Eli Sussman share a few delicious recipes from Classic Recipes for Modern People (Weldon Owen, 2014).

Nurturing Youth, Nurturing Earth

Centered around the idea of joining youth from different backgrounds and neighborhoods together through farming, The Food Project grows more than 250,000 pounds of fresh produce each year.

Mike and Bixby’s Excellent Cycling Adventure

Follow along as Mike Minnick and his canine companion continue along their epic adventure around the country to raise awareness of the importance of pet adoption and supporting local animal shelters.