Issue 81

As the winter cold slowly begins to dissipate and the snow starts to melt, the first buds of spring arise, ringing in a new season of growth and prosperity. This issue of American Lifestyle magazine treks across both ends of the country as the new season arrives—to the grasslands of North Dakota, where gorgeous open plains and bustling cultural centers meet, and south to San Antonio, Texas, where the Battle of San Jacinto is commemorated each year with a parade displaying the state’s most beautiful flowers. For a healthy dose of spring, this issue also features four fresh and simple recipes perfect for welcoming in the best seasonal flavors.

SweetAmbs: The Art of Cookies

Amber Speigel's career began as a cake decorating artist, but a decision to turn her passion for cookie decorating into her own business, SweetAmbs, has since proved very fruitful.

Bites of Spring

Take a fresh bite out of spring with four good-for-you meals from Jeanine Donofrio's The Love and Lemons Cookbook (Avery, 2016), including avocado-mozzarella tartines and a spring onion pizza.

Midcentury Modern Remix

Interior designer Jessica Helgerson explains how she transformed a midcentury home built by one of the most well-known American architects, into a modern and sleek oasis.

All About Maple

For the residents of Highland County, Virginia, making maple syrup is a way of life. Each year the town honors the sweet syrup with a festival drawing thousands of tourists.

Texas on Parade

Every year the town of San Antonio, Texas commemorates the Battle of San Jacinto with a Battle of the Flowers parade—a beloved tradition that has endured for more than one-hundred years.