Issue 82

There is something about the springtime that breathes a renewed sense of energy and purpose into our lives. As flowers bloom and we shake off the winter chill, the excitement and possibility of this time of year is alive and well again. In this issue of American Lifestyle magazine, we dive headfirst into this exciting time of year with a feature on base jumper Neil Amonson—who is defying gravity with his unbelievable feats of adventure. Exploration continues with a peek into the lives of wild mustangs at the California-Nevada border, as well as a trek to the oldest city in the US—Saint Augustine, Florida—with architecture and attractions that harken back to the era of Spanish Renaissance.

Ode to Breakfast

Up your breakfast game with these unconventional early morning recipes from George Weld and Evan Hanczor's cookbook, Breakfast: Recipes to Wake Up For (Weld 2016).

Artisanal Seattle

Get a close look at Seattle's growing "locavore movement"—a return to farmers market shopping, locally sourced goods, and a greener lifestyle.

Charlotte Composition

Designer Charlotte Lucas discusses how her southern upbringing, followed by a big-city experience in Washington D.C., has influenced her bold and colorful work.

In Search of Wild Mustangs

As some of the only remaining in the world, the Wild Mustangs of the California-Nevada border have a unique relationship with the environment they inhabit, as well as the people who call this place home.

Falling for Neil Amonson

Expert base jumper Neil Amonson shares how his love of flying began, the other extreme sports he considers a close second to base jumping, and how his non-profit, Jump For Joy, is benefiting school children across the country.