Issue 85

As the fall season settles in once again, we get to take a step back and appreciate the fruits of our labor. Autumn is a time for reflection and thankfulness, and this issue of American Lifestyle touches on our feelings of gratitude with a feature on a breast cancer survivor and designer who began a showcase to raise awareness, an educational program in Virginia that helps at-risk youth build confidence, and a family-run apple orchard that is giving back to its community in more ways than one.

Designing for a Cure: Holiday House NYC

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at her first routine mammogram, designer Iris Dankner decided to use her knowledge of the industry for the greater good, to help eradicate the disease.

Building Boats, Crafting Confidence

The skill of building boats is truly a lost art form, but for the instructors and students of the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, the craft is being used to build confidence and the value of hardwork.

A Greener Side of Columbus

Columbus, Ohio is one of the largest cities in the country, and like every city, has it's bustling industrial corner. In recent years, though, its reputation as a center for conservation and eco-friendly practices has grown immensely, making Columbus greener than ever.

Weston’s Apples O’ Many Flavors

For decades, Kenneth Weston and his family have been working to preserve some of the most rare and delicious apples in the world at their orchard outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now a public park, the orchard is staple in the community and a testament to the importance of preserving the techniques of the past.

Carving Out an Art Niche

Some artists do their work on a canvas, but not the master carvers at Maniac Pumpkins. For years, co-founders Marc Evan and Chris Soria have been making the most of these gourds by turning them into incredible works of art.

Pizza and Pipes

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Mesa, Arizona isn't a golf course, or a desert park, but a pizza shop; and not just any pizza shop, either. Organ Stop Pizza has been serving up delicious pies with a side of organ music for decades, and its famous organ, the Mighty Wurlitzer, continues to wow thousands of guests each season.

The Art of Simple Bites

Sometimes in cooking, simplicity is key. And when it comes to cooking with your favorite ingredients of fall, the flavors are often strong enough on their own, just like the ones in these recipes from Food with Friends: The Art of Simple Gatherings (2016 Leela Cyd).