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Pasta Menorah

What better way to teach your kids about the traditions of Hanukkah, like explaining the menorah, by making one out of pasta! Kids can use dry pasta to assemble their own menorah while you teach about lighting the candles and rehearsing the blessings.


  • Lasagna noodles (1-2 full pieces)
  • Rigatoni noodles (10 full-circle tubes)
  • Bowties (as many as you’d like for accents)
  • Rotini (as many as you’d like for accents)
  • Hot glue
  • Cardboard
  • Spray paint
  • Candles


  1. Create the base. Using hot glue, adhere the base of the lasagna noodles to a piece of cardboard to make it sturdy.
  2. Plan your menorah. Gather rigatoni noodles that are as close to perfect full-circle tubes as you can find. Set them up in order of height, noting that the center candle tube will have two noodles stacked.
  3. Begin attaching your noodles. Begin hot gluing the rigatoni noodles in place, starting in the center and working your way out.
  4. Make your focal point. Once they are dry, stack a second rigatoni noodle in the center to make it the focal point.
  5. Decorate! Now let your imagination take over; add bowties and rotini accents to decorate the edges of your pasta menorah. Let it dry overnight, and then spray paint it thoroughly to create a finished presentation.

Try your hand at this craft, and let us know what you think! Share your photos on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ALMcreate.

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