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Pro Tips for Creating Beautiful Spring Flower Arrangements

It’s true—beautiful flower arrangements can brighten up even the dullest or most boring rooms. But regularly buying professionally crafted arrangements can be pricey. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy having beautiful flower arrangements in your home. This is especially true during the spring months when beautiful blooms are abundant.

When you’re ready to create a beautiful and inexpensive arrangement—whether for your next party or just to enjoy—use these simple and fun tips.

Tip #1
Be sure to check out multiple stores to find flowerarranging_beforethe best deals and the freshest flowers. While you may be tempted to buy the cheapest flowers you find, keep in mind these aren’t always the best deal. You are better off spending a little more money on a bouquet that will last several days longer. Get to know the floral staff, and have them
alert you when new shipments are coming in.

Tip #2
Once you get home, prep your flowers by stripping off all the foliage, especially anything that will be below the water line in your vase. This will help prevent rot and can keep your flowers fresher longer.

Tip #3
The temperature of your water matters. flowerarranging_intextMost agree that room temperature or cool water is the best for fresh cut flowers. However, if you have tightly closed flower heads you want to open quickly, warm water can help. Another temperature tip: Put your flowers in the refrigerator up to six hours before arranging them, and
you’ll increase their lifespan.

Tip #4.
Once you’ve added sufficient water to your flowerarranging_tapevase, arrange transparent tape in a tic-tac-toe pattern across the top of the vase. This will help your flowers stay in place as you design your arrangement, and will transform your arrangement from novice to pro.

Tip #5
When adding flowers to your arrangement, start with the fuller flowers around the perimeter, and then move to the smaller blooms as you work your way inside. Next, add any accent blooms or foliage. Be sure to rotate your arrangement as you work, to get a balanced shape from all sides.

Tip #6flowerarranging_after
To keep your arrangement alive longer, don’t place it in direct sunlight or under heating vents. Also, be sure to re-cut the stems occasionally and change the water frequently.

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