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Put Some Pumpkin Spice in Your Life

Having a pumpkin obsession is nothing to be ashamed of, especially during the fall when pumpkins and other cold-weather gourds are at their best. And if you’ve ever wished that you could add just a dash of pumpkin flavor to all of your favorite foods, you’re in luck! With these pumpkin spreads, spices, and syrups, the possibilities are endless—and they even make great gifts for your pumpkin-loving friends, too.

Pumpkin-Apple Butter
The only thing that can make apple butter better is the addition of pumpkin. Mix this sweet butter in with oatmeal, pour over ice cream, or eat all by itself—the choice is yours!

Pumpkin Syrup
Your coffee, tea, and other drinks will never be the same with this sensational syrup. One pump, two pumps, whatever you prefer, add this sweet syrup to all of your favorite beverages.

Pumpkin Pie Spice
Some people find pumpkin spice to be overrated, but those who love it know there is nothing better than a little dash of autumn flavor on everything from lattes to waffles.

Be sure to download these printable pumpkin spice labels to mark your new fall-flavored creations, and to gift them to a loved one.

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