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3 Lunches Inspired by Your Child’s Favorite Stories

There’s no denying that when kids fixate on their favorite storybook character, they obsess! They want to read the book again and again until they can recite all the words. They beg for every toy and piece of apparel that has that character’s face on it. Their world begins and ends around that one story.

Why not hone in on this literary excitement by cooking up one of these special lunchtime treats? Even the most picky child will eat these story-inspired lunches up!

Clean_CaterpillarThe Very Hungry Caterpillar
This lunch would suit The Hungry Caterpillar’s taste buds, and is sure to appeal to your child’s as well! By incorporating grapes, a mini cheese wheel, almonds, raisins, peppers, and carrots, you can create a healthy lunch that comes to life.

Clean_GeorgeCurious George
Curious George loves bananas; use his favorite snack as the base for this lunch—from the peanut butter and banana sandwich of George’s face, to the banana and pineapple combination of the Man with the Yellow Hat!

Clean_WebCharlotte’s Web
Charlotte’s Web has remained a childhood story staple since it was first published. This healthy lunch is inspired by Charlotte and echoes the “terrific” and “radiant” themes of the story. But the cuteness of Wilbur is also sure to impress!

You can apply the same concepts and techniques to recreate edible characters from other beloved storybooks as well. They’re perfect for a special birthday treat or a just-because surprise.

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