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Subtropolis: Business Beneath the Ground

Kansas City, Missouri has a secret—and it’s one few people would expect. In Issue 87 of American Lifestyle magazine, we travel hundreds of feet below the surface of the city to Subtropolis—an underground business complex that has been growing since the 70s, and houses everything from software companies to greeting cards.

An excerpt from “Subtropolis: Business Beneath the Ground”

Imagine working at a facility that’s completely unaffected by the weather, so enormous it can fit over forty pro football stadiums, and so secure that it has government security status—and it’s all underground.

This isn’t science fiction; this is SubTropolis, a massive industrial complex lying 150 feet under Kansas City, Missouri. Formerly a mining operation in the 1940s that produced construction materials, it has housed underground tenants for over fifty years.

To learn more about what kinds of businesses are housed deep within the complex of Subtropolis, continue reading by downloading “Subtropolis: Business Beneath the Ground” from Issue 87 of American Lifestyle magazine.