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Super Simple Jar Salads

From summer road trips to grab-and-go lunches for the busy professional, jar salads are the perfect way to eat on the go without the hassle and mess. They can also be made in advance and stay fresh for more than a week!

Each of these recipes yields 4-5 salads, so grab a few wide mouth quart-size mason jars and get started!

jarlunches_saladintextBlack Bean and Corn Salad
This southwestern inspired salad packs a big punch with little effort. Full of corn, avocado, and beans, it’s also the perfect go-to lunch after taco night, as you’ll likely have many of these ingredients on hand.

jarlunches_pastaintextPesto Pasta Salad
Perfect for a grab-and-go lunch or for a light dinner, this pesto pasta salad offers all the right flavors for a well-balanced bite.

jarlunches_quinoaintextQuinoa Salad
There are a number of great ways to incorporate quinoa into your diet, and this jar salad is one of them. Not only is it one of the healthiest grains, it’s also packed with flavor!

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