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The Ultimate Family Movie-Night

Planning a movie-themed party can be a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. And, who doesn’t like to escape the summer heat with a good movie.

For this theatrical get together, you’ll need snacks, movie tickets, and more! But before you bust out the popcorn, consider these fun spins on movie treats to make your night a box office hit!

movienight_barsPepperoni Pizza Twists
These twisty pizza delights are perfectly dip-able for on-the-go eating—and less drippy than regular pizza. They are a new twist on pizza and a movie!


Chunky Delight Popcorn Bars
Popcorn is essential for movie-viewing, but it doesn’t hurt to jazz it up a little! These crunchy bars are full of sweet and salty flavor kids will want to snack on all night long.


To really take your movie night to the next level, download our fun printable  movie tickets and a movie sign. Fill these out to let everyone know what movie is coming up and when to be there.

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