Issue 89

All Aboard the Ghost Train

A nostalgic trip to Ely, Nevada, to discover how the Nevada Northern Railway keeps century-old steam engines running while also preserving a long-past way of life.

Amber Cowan’s Generations of Glass

A look at how artist Amber Cowan melds glass sculpting and flameworking to transform found glass into intricate works of art.

Movie Magic: The Foley Team of Skywalker Sound

A behind-the-scenes glimpse at Skywalker Sound to witness the wonder of a world-renowned Foley team creating the background sounds for cinema.

A Touch of Southern Charm

Lauren Clement discusses how her team at Lauren Nicole Designs completely renovated and modernized a Greensboro-area lakeside home.

Valerie’s Home Cooking

TV personality Valerie Bertinelli shares recipes from Valerie’s Home Cooking (Oxmoor House 2017), including roasted eggplant pesto pasta and lemon-raspberry panna cotta.

I Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans

A visit to the Crescent City to take in its legendary jazz music scene, including insider perspective from trombone player Charlie Halloran.

Step Afrika!: Journey of a Thousand Steps

C. Brian Williams shares how he started Step Afrika!, a dance company that celebrates and promotes the tradition of stepping, a percussive dance form.