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Welcome to the World of Desk Pet Ownership!

Let’s face it: not everybody is an animal lover. The truth is, much like children, pets are a big commitment and a big responsibility, and some animals, like dogs, require a lot of time and energy. And that’s not even taking into account the financial aspect of pet ownership and that some people are allergic to animals. So it’s understandable that not everyone is enamored with being a pet owner.

alligatordeskpetBut what if you could still enjoy your life exactly as it is, yet could still experience the pride of pet ownership? You can—with a desk pet!

whaledeskpetIn fact, with a desk pet, there’s no waiting period, no paperwork to sign, no vet visits, and no cost whatsoever. The only decision you’ll probably have to make is choosing between an adorable alligator and a wacky whale (or both!) as your desk pet. (We bet none of your pet-owning friends got to make such a cool choice.)

Just print out the desk pet templates, follow the simple assembly instructions, and you’ll be a proud desk pet owner in no time!

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