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Weston’s Apples O’ Many Flavors

Apples come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but none quite as special as the historic varieties at Weston’s Antique Apple Orchard in New Berlin, Wisconsin. In Issue 85 of American Lifestyle magazine, we pay a visit to the family-run orchard that has been a staple in its community for decades.

An excerpt from “Weston’s Apples O’ Many Flavors

I was born in Milwaukee in 1929, and I remember my grandfather purchasing the orchard when I was five or six as a hedge against the Great Depression, but it wasn’t an orchard then; it was a dairy farm. There was a small orchard on the farm, but since my grandfather worked in an iron foundry, the basement of the barn was used to cast metals.

Eventually, my father got the idea of adding trees to the orchard with trees sent from nurseries from around the country that had specialty apples. They planted those trees, and they became the origin of the orchard that we have today. Some of the original trees are still here, so they are quite old. In addition, I was a mathematics professor for forty-two years; during my travels, I collected a number of trees, and we added another five acres to the orchard. Today, the entire farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Landscapes.

To learn more about the varieties of apples at Weston’s Antique Apple Orchard, and the Weston family’s dedication to the business, keep reading by downloading “Weston’s Apples O’ Many Flavors” from Issue 85 of American Lifestyle magazine.