Photography by Roger Bradshaw

When it comes to incorporating simplicity into interior design, there’s a frequently overlooked tactic that can make a tremendous difference in the look and feel of your rooms: hanging mirrors. A simple mirror can work wonders on everything, from the way natural light is dispersed to how large a room feels.

Below are some of the best and most cost-effective ways you can transform your rooms by incorporating mirrors into your design:

A Trick of the Eye

Place a large mirror above a mantel or sofa to create the look of more space in a room. The reflection the mirror creates can help add depth, making the room appear larger than it actually is.

A Simulated Window

If your room is lacking natural light or doesn’t have many windows, hanging a window-like mirror or multiple mirrors can work just as well. Try placing them directly across from a light source, and watch as your room instantly glows.

A Statement Piece

Installing a large floor-to-ceiling mirror might seem excessive, especially if the rest of your design is minimalistic. However, you might be surprised by how much space and intrigue a full-body mirror can create, especially in a bedroom or bathroom.

A Perfect Match

One of the best parts about using mirrors in your design is that you can often find the perfect match for your personal taste. Mirrors come in a large variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be framed in materials such as wood or ornate gold or stand alone for a sleek, modern look. Whatever you choose, select mirrors that will blend cohesively with the rest of your interior.

A Pristine Reflection

When utilizing mirrors in your design, the most important thing to keep in mind is also the most basic: keep them clean. Be sure to dust and wipe down the surface of your mirrors weekly so that they can reflect natural light properly.