Meaning “lamp” in Hebrew, the menorah is one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish people. The eight- or nine-branched menorah is popularly used during Hanukkah, and design options abound to find your perfect menorah fit.


This chunky Carrara marble menorah could double as a sculpture on a well-curated bookshelf. Designed by Jonathan Adler, it’s no surprise that one could envision a version of it built from clay, harkening back to Adler’s roots in pottery. Designed to be shown off year-round, this substantial menorah is not going anywhere when Hanukkah is over.


Cast Iron | AREAWARE

This impressively heavy, solid, cast-iron menorah could double as a free weight if you want to exercise after eating too many latkes. All jokes aside, Areaware’s design is simple but packs quite a geometric punch. The design judges obviously agree—it earned the Chicago Good Design Award in 2011. And for the practical types, it incorporates a tray to catch any wayward melted wax.


You might think this playful menorah is modeled on macaroni, but you’d be wrong. It’s inspired by something even better—a bagel. Dreamed up by Modern Mensch (mensch being a Yiddish word meaning a person of integrity), the Nosh menorah boldly announces its presence in highly polished plated metal.


This geometric statement piece translates the art of origami into bold, white ceramic. The accordion folds are a throwback to elementary-school parties with cheese balls and apple juice, and having this menorah on the table will enchant adults and children alike.

Antique Copper | RITE LITE

If you’ve been looking for a more modern menorah but aren’t ready to get your hair wet in the avant-garde swimming pool, this version with an antique copper finish from Rite Lite is a good compromise. With a more traditional shape and style, it will remind you of your childhood while also managing to look streamlined in all its aluminum glory.


The Trace menorah takes a classic shape and reimagines it in a modern silhouette of steel. It also makes use of a technique called swaging, which widens the opening of a tube. After swaging, each opening fits a candle perfectly. And the removable cups make cleaning out wax a dream.

Walnut and Brass | MARMOL RADZINER

This minimal beauty designed by Marmol Radziner proves that a menorah does not need any fancy details to be gorgeous when it’s made of quality materials. The warmth of walnut and the glow of brass make it an ideal low-profile statement piece.