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Just finished a box of cereal or granola? Think twice before throwing those boxes away! You can easily turn old food boxes into chic and useful storage solutions for any room in your home. (You’ll never look at a food box the same way again)!


Mail and desk organizer
Use this convenient organizer to help corral your incoming mail, or to keep your desk nice and neat.


  1. Cut the box on an angle while you are looking at the front of the box, so one side is shorter and one side is taller. Adjust the heights accordingly, based on your storage needs.
  2. Cover the bottom and inside of the box with paper, trimming any excess.
  3. Carefully fold matching paper around the box to see how much you will need. Wrap paper around the box and secure with tape. Carefully trim any excess.

Expert tip: Looking for an organizer with more than one slot? Simply cut and wrap the boxes as described above, and then secure them together with strong double-sided tape.

Drawer organizer
This easy solution will help tame your junk drawer once and for all!


  1. Place the box inside your drawer to make sure it is a good fit. If you have more than one empty box on hand, you can create more than one organizer to make an entire organizational system for the drawer.
  2. Mark the height of the drawer on the box. Using the utility knife, carefully cut the box to match the height of the drawer, making sure the drawer still closes smoothly.
  3. Cover the bottom and inside of the box by securing a thin strip of paper with tape, being sure to trim any excess paper from around the edges.
  4. Finally, wrap the outside of the box with matching paper and secure with tape, trimming any excess, if needed.

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